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Important safety tips and recommendations for getting the most out of your 3ACT slide.

Work hard and be safe. Stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, or if you feel faint, nauseous or dizzy.

3ACT Slide assembly. Please be sure the seams of each puzzle piece align well. Slight irregularity in their connection is normal and will not affect the user’s ability to slide.

Insert the stability blocks properly. The locking tabs need to fit securely in the alignment holes. Failure to do so can put you or the block at risk.

3ACT Slide footwear. We recommend wearing sneakers with the included shoe covers while using the 3ACT. Bare feet might be ok for certain flexibility or slide yoga movements. Please be smart about it.

3ACT Slide is built to go places. Use it on commercial carpet, rubber workout floors, pavement, and any other hard surface. The carrying bag makes it easy to bring 3ACT Slide wherever you need to go.

Don’t wipe out. The slippery surface of 3ACT Slide is important for proper use but also requires care getting on and off to avoid mishaps.

Treat your board pieces nicely. Taking care to store the disassembled board pieces flat or hanging in the carry bag is best for maintaining them in optimal condition.

Keep your 3ACT Slide surface clean. It’s going to get covered in sweat and some occasional dirt. We recommend a gentle surface cleaner.

Keep your 3ACT Slide surface slippery. The best product to occasionally put on the 3ACT Slide to keep it slippery is original Armor All Protectant available at a variety of stores. DO NOT USE SILICONE BASED LUBRICANTS.

Keep your 3ACT Slide from slipping. The 3ACT slide was designed for most surfaces with a non-slip bottom layer. If your board slips, the remedy is a non-skid carpet pad available at most hardware stores.

Stay connected. Login to 3actslide.com to access the 3ACT Slide video library. We hope our ideas will spark you to new and exciting 3ACTions.