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You are not alone

You are not alone. Did you know that 1 in 3 women like you suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction? Women spend billions of dollars every year buying pads, liners and leak-proof underwear because big companies want to perpetuate the myth that leaking urine is just part of being a woman. They make money by keeping us from treating the underlying problem, and instead, just dealing with the symptoms.

The pelvic floor muscles sit in the base of your pelvis and are responsible for a variety of functions. They support the organs in the pelvic cavity. They contract and relax to control the flow of feces and urine. They play and important role in sexual function for both men and women. They support the baby and assist in childbirth, and they play a role in the chain reaction of muscles around the hips and spine.

These muscles act like a trampoline when force is applied and are able to sink and relax and tighten and contract. These muscles orient themselves in a variety of directions attaching to the pelvis front to back, side to side and with a rotational component. This means that they require motion of the pelvis front to back, side to side and with rotation to be “turned on” and function properly.

Pelvic floor muscles can be trained like all other muscles in the body to become stronger and function more efficiently. Like all other muscles, they just need proper training.

Our bodies were designed to move. The 3ACT Mini Slide promotes low impact motion and increased muscular activation. Low impact means no excessive force is being applied to your pelvic floor muscles, allowing them the chance to move and train to be more effective. Increased muscular activation comes from the slippery surface and means that your muscles are being constantly engaged. Only ¼ of your pelvic floor muscles are engaged during Kegels. 100% of your pelvic floor muscles are engaged using the Mini Slide, allowing you to best strengthen your pelvic floor.

No more sitting and squeezing muscles to get them to function. Just as you can’t sit in a chair and squeeze your thigh muscles to make yourself a better runner, you can’t lie down and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles and expect them to help your pelvic floor function. The Mini Slide is the ideal environment for training your pelvic floor to function properly.

The 3ACT Mini Slide is the solution to stop leaking. The small footprint and easy set up of the Mini Slide make it ideal of use in the privacy of your own home. The mobile app allows you to follow 10 minute programs daily to train your pelvic floor to work properly for you.