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Dave Armet

Dave Armet has been a physical therapist since 1991. He owns an outpatient private practice in Williamstown, MA and continues to enjoy being involved in daily patient care. His interest in helping others coincides perfectly with his passion for understanding human motion. Dave continues to enjoy playing soccer, skiing, and mountain biking. Dave lives in Williamstown with his wife and 2 kids.

Christy Abel

Christy Abel has been involved in the college athletic training and personal training profession since 1996. Her background as a youth gymnast and collegiate field hockey/track athlete has given her a passion for human movement and performance. She continues to be an avid runner and golf enthusiast. She lives in Williamstown, MA with her husband Rob and their 3 children.


3ACT Slide

The 3ACT Slide is a portable self-contained fitness and rehabilitation tool.

Christy refers to the 3ACT Slide as her “environment” because when her clients are using it, she is able to gain a clarity and focus for her observation and assessment skills leading directly to her exercise strategy.

Dave enjoys how the 3ACT Slide stability blocks make his patients feel safe and secure yet challenged to reach their full potential. Within the 6 foot diameter circle, rehabilitation sport-specific activity, core strengthening, functional flexibility, group exercise, and balance training can all be achieved. It can do so many things, we think of it like a "Swiss Army Knife".


The idea for the 3ACT Slide was conceived as Dave and Christy were preparing for a golf performance lecture. Their conversations focused around the common movement flaws they observed in so many golfers and athletes. They desired a surface on which they could promote rotational movements for a wide range of physical abilities. Beyond this, they knew it had to be portable as they had both previously worked in locations where floor space was limited.

The 3ACT Slide’s multi-directional design allows tri-plane movement to simulate athletic and physical demands for a variety of sports and rehabilitation needs. The sliding surface demands increased muscular activity, emphasizing control of deceleration forces to optimize explosive athletic skill. The dual sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while offering safety and movement specific guidance.

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